The Pearl Nature

The Pearl Nature collection with its alluring and detailed design is the synonym of the ultimate possessor of power, elegance and finesse.

Inspired by the Higher Energy

Pearl London Blue Topaz

Beaming with unmatched elegance and the Blue Topaz gemstones that exhibit an alluring contrast, the jewellery is our perception of ultimate possessor of power, elegance and finesse.

Pearl Mosagate Choker

The magical Pearl Mosagate Choker is the source of the rarity, exclusivity that stands at the pinnacle of energy.

Pearl Emerald

Pearl Emerald is a lovely choker and earrings set made with three ropes of marine pearls and a diamond and emerald pendant in the necklace.

Aquamarine Bracelet

Aquamarine Bracelet celebrates the aqua nature of a woman and her dexterity of transformation into her authentic self— free to express herself, bold to go after her dreams and strong to embrace her true individuality and flaws.

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