A Woman’s Touch: A Mentorship Program by Finnati

A diamond is a woman’s first love. And when it comes to the craftsmanship of a diamond, it takes training, creativity and an eye for detail. We believe there is one more thing to it; aesthetics. At Finnati, we call it the emotions of a jewel. We developed A Woman’s Touch: a Mentorship Program, wherein a group of ambitious women are taken on a journey of diamond and jewels to acquaint you with these emotions. These mentors walk behind the scenes of jewellery creation, with hands-on training with master-craftsmen.



Director, Flair Multidesigner Store

Jewellery to me is heritage, that is passed onto from one generation to the next. I would always invest in classic and evergreen pieces, and I’m not a fashion jewellery kind of person! Anything that is eternal and timeless would always catch my eye, and make it difficult for me to not invest in it. I look forward to being a part of Finnati’s Mentorship Program and design the evergreen pieces of jewellery.


Director, Seven Spring
Creative Head, The Gordhan Group

The moment you walk out of your home, you are making a statement of who you are. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, looking sharp will improve how others perceive you. In my perspective. I feel if you really want to dress to impress, you must be pickier with your Jewellery choice. A good outfit and jewellery is absolutely essential in today’s world. A good piece of Jewellery can help you look sensational. In terms of jewellery, I personally like statement pieces and something which is very contemporary yet classy.


Youngest Woman Entrepreneur in Ahmedabad
Founder, Pristine Paige
Founder, BagsnJazz

I believe that knowing that things can go worse should not stop women entrepreneurs in taking that risk. Sometimes, you just have to go for it! Talking about jewellery, for me, jewellery is about minimal and yet impactful statement pieces.


Ph.D., Education
Co-founder, Boho Homes
Director of Literacy, Rotary Club of Ahmedabad Asmita
Head: Centre for Excellence, Varmora Granite Pvt Ltd
District VC, Interact Rotary Club

Jewellery for me is the extension of one’s mood, personality and family heritage. Each and every piece of my treasure reminds me of the feelings attached to it and phase of my life in which, I designed them and got them crafted as a piece to cherish for a lifetime. For me, jewellery is pride and possession that narrates my love, life and legacy. I still remember when I got my first diamond set from my professional savings, the first solitaire I got as a gift from my husband.


Owner, Belgian Waffles

I strongly believe in women empowerment but on the other hand see women a symbol of beauty and immense love. For me, jewellery is not only a piece of art but also, a reflection of one's lifestyle, thinking, and personality. I embrace jewellery either modern or traditional with simple designs and enhancing the artworks! Gems and diamonds are my topmost priority.


Sufi Classical Danseuse
Founder, Nayanramya Training Institute

Jewellery is all about craftsmanship, quality and stunning design


Fashion Stylist
Founder, Dhaaga Saarang

Jewellery is very personal. It not only reflects your personal style but also, your heritage and culture. My choice of jewellery has always been unique collectables. I believe in quality over quantity. My go-to for jewellery would be silver, stone pieces and also uncut diamonds.


Princess Aaliya
State of Balasinor Honorary Guardian & Custodian
Dinosaur Fossil Park
Balasinor Paleontologist

Jewelry is a self contained art form. It brings out the alluring beauty of a jewel. It's a symbol of femininity. It's an adornment that highlights a woman's personality and enhances her best features. It's a tool that can be used to make a statement to others of who you are.


Director, Thar Lifespaces
Founder, The Fashion Edit
Founder, White Lily
Founder Chairperson, Young Ficci Ladies Organization
Member, Entrepreneurs Organization

Aditi, with her keen sense of fashion, organizes ‘The Fashion Edit’ – a Fashion Trunk Show with curated fashion, accessories and brands. These trunk shows express exuberance, class and luxury while showcasing the latest collections from designers, boutique owners, and brands to enable business in tier-II cities of India. Stunning designs & stellar craftsmanship come together to create vivid and unique stories in each of her Trunk shows.


Founder, Purvi Doshi
Recognized with Compassion in Fashion by PETA India

Jewellery talks about a person more than anything else. Jewelry has its unique language. The way one chooses to accessorise, can create a much larger impression and reflects a lot more about their personality. Wearing or not wearing jewelry are both indicators about a person’s style, inner mindset and even thought process. Whether you are a leader, trendsetter, follower or modest in your manner, Jewelry has a way of incorporating and adjusting to each person’s individual style.
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