The beauty of the deep blue seas is brought to life by our gifted artisans through Charisma. The breathtaking allure of brilliantly cut Sapphire jewels epitomises the colours and characteristics of the ocean. The smooth pearls remind of the soothing calm beneath, while the glimmer from the diamonds are reminiscent of when the sun rays hit the crystal clear waters.

Inspired by the floral pattern

Sea Florals New

Sea florals are an earnest attempt in recreating the lovely bloom of the flora within the sea. Intricately carved on Platinum, the flower and leaves are studded with hundreds of brilliantly cut small diamonds that reflect your glimmering charm when you wear them.

Majestic Ring

Inspired by the geometry of the sunflower, the Majestic Ring is bejewelled with small diamonds and sapphires for her highness who is unequalled, who embraces her persona with delicacy and flaunts her royal highness with iconic, royal diamond jewellery.

Fluorescence Earings

The beauty is not always in what becomes but in what happens.The Fluorescence Earrings are an attempt to capture what happens in the process of flowering.

The Charisma Bracelet New

The Charisma Bracelet is more than just about its stunning design. It is so much more about its invisible energy with the visible effects.

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