Finesse + Ati
The name Finnati comes from the words Finesse, which describes our craft, and the Sanskrit word Ati which means extreme. Finnati means being the finest at its zenith.

A Paragon of Perfection

By Finnati
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Who Are We

We are the creators of exclusivity.

Finnati is a brand of the Gujarat-based prominent conglomerate Samarth Group. The primary focus of the group is sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution of diamonds both in India and abroad, with Samarth Diamonds being a leading manufacturer of small size, round brilliant cut diamonds. Samarth in Sanskrit means being capable, powerful and efficient, something that we have epitomised in our brand Finnati.

We craft ethereal designs with diamonds and jewels that have supreme cut and clarity. What makes Finnati stand out from the crowd, is its exclusivity. We at Finnati take pride in the fact that every piece of jewellery created by our master craftsmen and artisans is one and only. What we create is solely for you, because there isn’t, never was, and never will be someone like you. When you wear a Finnati, you exude sophistication and your fine taste for perfection in beauty and glamour.

What Do We Do

We add a 5th C to a diamond jewellery, aesthetics, aka emotions.

We believe that what our gifted artisans create in our ateliers are not just jewellery, they are a pure work of art which will go down in the annals of your generation and become a prized heirloom. Every gem, every diamond we pick is a story waiting to be told in the form of deftly designed jewellery. We do not create rare pieces of jewellery, we create a unique and fine expression of emotions and feelings, which undergo the strictest form of quality checks and meet the highest standards of perfection.

You Are Finnati

You are Exceptional

Solitary Sophistication

When you wear a Finnati, you are expressing yourself in the most beautiful way possible, because what you are wearing is solely crafted for you.

Magnify Your Brilliance

Every diamond we pick for your Finnati is something that magnifies the majesty of the design, and your beautiful radiance.

Master craftsmanship

Finnati is the only jewellery boutique that has its own in-house designers that assist you, understand you and create designs that represent you.

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