Paradise Collection

The mesmerising Paradise Collection is crafted with the intentions to touch lives that are beautiful, charismatic and where the heart of elegance lies.

Inspired by the Elegant Ferns

The Carissa Set

The Carissa Necklace by Finnati is the epitome of flaws, great beauty and of the multiplications of courage and boldness.

Paradise Leaf Earrings

Flora of all types seem to grab our attention even from afar, and especially ferns. Paradise Leaf Earrings are the manifestation of our love of the sparse structure and repetition of the shape of the ferns.

Paradise Leaf Necklace

As our secret lies in what we craft, we realize when a fern grows, it hides its secret beneath those two long leaves. The elegance and emotions of our craft lies right beneath those two long leaves of Paradise Leaf Necklace.

Paradise Ring

Everything one needs is a little piece of paradise. Paradise Ring is that big piece of the Paradise everyone longs for.

Blue Paradise Bracelet

Blue Paradise Bracelet is the paradise for those tender, elegant and beautiful hearts whose love is a portion of the soul itself, and it is of the same nature as the celestial breathing of the atmosphere of paradise.

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