The Raphaela

The Raphaela Collection is the gift from God to Finnati and what we make of it is our gift for the beholder’s extraordinary elegance.

Inspired by the God’s gift of Creativity and Aura

The Opal Beans

As they say, the earth writes its memoir in each opal, when you wear those Opal Beans studs, you carry a world within yourself.

The Aura Opal Studs

Opal is a stone of inspiration which enhances imagination and creativity. Ancients believe that it brings inspiration to the work, life and the spirit.

The Imperial Opal Studs

When one speaks about the aura and the creativity, we think about it in terms of gemstones. And the only gemstone that comes to our mind is the Opal gemstones.

The Ocean Ring

With the Secrets from the Ocean, we created a diamond and gemstone ring that tries to capture every shade and colour of the seas in them. The smoothly polished stone in the middle is placed around a floral design of tiny shimmering diamonds.

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