Rarified Collection

The Rarified Collection, as the name suggests, is the collection of the jewellery art pieces that come from Finnati’s interpretation of nature and its beauty.

Lotus Leaf Earrings

Lotus is the flower that possesses the artistry to bloom indifferent of the environment it lives in. When she possesses the alike artistry, it inspires us to treasure and admire her with our craftsmanship.

Abstract Set

Captivated by nature, a craftsman discovers the gestures of the universe in nature. Amidst these gestures, butterflies and its delicacies are the most inspiring ones. The Abstract Set, designed by Finnati is inspired by those geometric delicacies of a butterfly’s wings.

Tourmaline Earrings

The reason why Tourmaline is so colorful is that it passes through a rainbow on its way to earth, bringing with it all sorts of colors. Inspired by the colors of watermelon to complement her watermelon to a spring persona.

London Blue Topaz Ring

Topaz is a powerful crystal for strengthening the whole physical body. It balances, soothes and cleanses emotions and thoughts, releases stress, and brings joy. In a spiritual sense, this stone brings love and peace.

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