The Blushing Candy

The Blushing Candy collection by Finnati celebrates the beauty of gemstones and its appropriateness at all times.

Inspired by the Sweet Candy

Pink Topaz Candy Studs

The sweet taste of Pink Topaz Candy Studs to calm your soul, bring you the lucky charm and add value to your inner opulence.

Pink Sapphire Candy Studs

Beholding special eloquence, Pink Sapphire Candy Studs make for the symbols of trust, loyalty and sincerity. When you acquire a Pink Sapphire, it speaks of the length of great love and good fortune.

Russian Emerald Studs

As the allure and intrigue of emerald only continues to grow, Finnati crafts it with the ravishing diamonds in a beautiful geometry for you are the only one, and special.

Red Candy Studs

We at Finnati, strive for the finest perfection at its zenith. Red Tourmaline is the stone of a perfected heart, for the one who possesses one and flaunts it beautifully.

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