Diamonds are a Woman’s Best Friend

There was a time when young women used to dream of a man going down on his knees and proposing with a big rock proclaiming his love. Usually, when we think of gold or diamond jewellery, we think of it as a gift from men for their fiances or wives celebrating important milestones of their lives such as birthdays, anniversaries or any other happy events. But there has been a lot of change ever since. Today, women buy their own diamonds and walk with pride showing it off to the world, declaring self-love. At Finnati, we call it the emotions of a jewel. We have developed a Mentorship Program, “A Woman’s Touch,” wherein a group of ambitious women are taken on a journey of
diamond and jewels where they are acquainted with these emotions. Because a woman
needs to know her diamond.

Today, diamonds are known as a sign of independence and also an achievement, because the woman has worked really hard to earn it. They symbolize a woman’s economic and social independence. Diamonds are worthy of all your hard work and perseverance because they hold the power to connect with you on deeper emotional levels. Women often gift themselves diamonds, celebrating an achievement or to seal a memory. When thinking of buying a diamond, they always look for a rock that identifies with their personality. The one that glorifies their beauty and makes them feel special.

Women are emotional beings. They are full of feelings that need to be expressed in some or the other way. And they have found a way to celebrate it. Women associate jewellery with happiness, freedom and independence. It is something that they can declare their ownership upon without any hesitation. Traditionally men used to gift jewels to their partners. But nowadays women like to buy their own jewels for fun or even as an investment. It is a very beautiful symbol to engrave the memory of a smile and shine that comes on a woman’s face after achieving something. It gives them a sense of freedom.

Buying a diamond is also a purchase of gratification to complete the regalia, often starting in the early years of adulthood with the jewelry that their parents or husbands have offered them. Apart from solitaire pendants, earrings are also a frequent purchase, especially creoles or ear chips. Talking about rings, around 37% of diamond sales directly to women are ring sales. Since the last few years a lot of female Bollywood celebrities have been sharing stories of them self-buying diamonds exemplifying self-love and independence to the millenia.

Another reason why women buy diamonds is that they are viscerally attached to the transformation of their life due to children. And by buying a beautiful diamond, they know that they can pass it onto their daughters or daughter-in-laws. They elevate the family inheritance with an object of such great value that will be passed on to the coming generations. Thus, the purchase of a beautiful stone is not a flamboyant squander, but an investment in the long run. Whereas men would rather spend on perishable goods such as a big car or video games, women often have a taste for noble and eternal materials. Diamonds are forever. And that’s why they are considered a woman’s best friend.

Diamond is more than just a stone or a mineral. It is like an individual, moulded with time. It is such an awe-inspiring natural marvel that it is befitting that whoever crafts completely understands the intricacies of design and the expertise of sourcing, cutting, polishing and refining this one-of-its-kind gemstone. And Finnati, is where you will find this. Have a glance at the beautiful collection by Finnati only at and find your best friend.

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